Our Story

Sisters on a mission to share our love of all things beautiful.

Tamika & Nat.

Having been given a home education & growing up on the golden beaches of the Sunshine Coast, we spent countless hours, wandering bare-foot along the sandy shoreline & traipsing through leaf covered rainforests. This care free childhood has developed in us, a close connection with each other, and the creator Elohim.

Having a childhood filled with love, laughter, and happiness, it is our hearts desire to share this with the world around us. Our journey has led us to discovering a love of doTERRA essential oils, which we use on a daily basis, in a myriad of ways with our families, in our homes, and in our careers.

Tamika, the nurturer, with her fiery red hair, has always been the one to help others and not surprisingly, is currently studying nursing. Her zest & love of life is contagious, and she leaves an impact on everyone she meets. She loves integrating what she is learning in her nursing degree with what she has learned about essential oil use to offer a more holistic approach to good health.

Nat, the sporty sister, is wife and mother of four gorgeous children. She works in education as a youth worker and has a passion for helping kids that have suffered trauma throughout their lives. She constantly has her little bag of oils with her and has seen these little amber miracle bottles do amazing things for kids that find it hard to deal with life. Nat loves nothing more than to share her knowledge with others, and you will often find her teaching a class or consulting with someone on how to incorporate essential oils into their daily routines.

Hannah, the crafty sister, is a wife and mother to one beautiful little girl. She is often creating with scissors, and sewing machine using vintage and retro upcycled fabrics that have been found while rummaging in op shops and various nooks and crannies. While she doesn’t actively share her love for oils, she uses them on a daily basis in her home, with her family.