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Take the time to breathe deeply, see all that is around you, feel with your senses, and create a place that you feel safe, happy, loved. 

This is abundant living, this is where real lasting joy is born, and freedom is found.

Imagine aligning with a tribe of like-minded people, women and men, that are seeking to find the same truth, the abundance, the beauty, the freedom that you are longing for. 

People that are passionate about, not only creating this in their lives, but also sharing it with others. This is Elohim. This is our tribe and we are waiting for you.


"We believe in creating beautiful life moments..."

If you are reading this post, then I imagine you are looking for something more. You’re looking for ways to create freedom, a space where you can abandon the mundane of the 9 – 5 slog. A space where you are able to work your own hours, from the safety of your own home, with your loved ones close by. You’re looking for ways to financially support the life you dream of living. 

There is something pulling at your soul strings, calling you on a deeper level. You are seeking an outpouring of all that is good and wonderful and true. We believe in creating beautiful life moments through our shared passion of living truth filled, abundant lives and have partnered with doTERRA in the creation of our futures.

Meet Some of the Tribe

Fun Times at the doTERRA Aus Convention


Of Us:

 Mentoring support and help to establish yourself in providing natural solutions for health & well-being classes and consultations.

Training in following the PIPES business structure. (because this hands down, will mean you benefit the most for your time)

Understanding of how commission is paid, and how to build your team to take advantage of the best compensation for you.

Celebrating your successes!
We love nothing more than to see you shine & will celebrate with you every step of the way.
So expect noise when your goals are realised and you are flourishing. xoxo

Of You:(I’m going to say it straight)

Willing to collaborate as a team to support each other in building businesses. (Trust me others will want to do this journey with you) There honestly is no space in our Tribe for people that can’t celebrate the success of others. The doTERRA culture is about serving and celebrating others and it is also an important part of our Elohim culture.

Head down and bum up. This is not an opportunity for you to wait on others to do the work for you, to be successful in creating your own beautiful freedom there is a necessity to be able to focus on your goals and work hard to see them come to life. If you like to have a finger in every pie, or if your starts tend to fizzle out quickly, this opportunity may not be for you as it does require time, effort and commitment to be successful.  We love to give as much time & effort to people as we possibly can and choose to focus  on the people we can see walking the walk, not just talking it.

Finally, we love people that can see the good in every situation, the people that choose to be thankful. If you’re a Negative Nancy you will probably not be a good fit in our leadership team. We believe that a thankful heart is what allows abundant blessing to be poured onto each of us and this is a super important part of our culture. 

There are many amazing doTERRA teams around and it is so important that you are working in a team that resonates with your soul. It would be shameful to find out that you don’t feel at home in the team you’ve enrolled with, and we prefer to be upfront about it so you can make a well informed choice as to whether the Elohim Tribe is right for you. If you’d like to chat more about the expectations please, please don’t hesitate to contact us. xoxo

"Be Kind, be thoughtful, be genuine, but most of all be thankful."

~ Unknown

Take the Plunge

So you’ve read it all and your heart is pounding with the excitement of finding the team you know you were destined to work with?
You’ve found your tribe, the ones seeking to find the same truth, the abundance, the beauty, the freedom that you are longing for.
Your soul is home!
So what are the next steps?

Option 1 - Jump the Queue and Get Started Right Away

Get started with your doTERRA oils. I recommend the Nature’s Solution Kit as it gives you a great foundation for experiencing the magic of these oils and the perfect starting point for the classes you will teach. My second-best recommended kit would be the Home Essentials Kit, as it contains doTERRA’s top 10 oils and a diffuser. Remember we even have AfterPay now to help you get your business started!
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Option 2 - Give Us a Call to Discuss Your Options

Make a time with either Nat or Mika to discuss and launch your wellness lifestyle business.

Option 3 - Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you.